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Welcome to R.O. Diagan Cooperative Hospital

Serving the healthcare needs of Southern Mindanao


The R.O. Diagan Cooperative Hospital aims to democratize and provide affordable and quality health services extending to remote communities by networking with their respective health workers respectively emphasizing in health education, disease prevention, and initial management including activities to uplift man’s economic, spiritual, social, mental, and physical status so that man can live life wholly to its utmost capacity and be more effective in assisting his fellowmen help themselves.


General Santos City, Sarangani Province, Davao Occidental, Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato


Essential services available 24/7


Affordable and high quality services that we provide




Our vision, goals and pledge


Institutionalizing a cooperative health system and model worldwide.


  • To pool the resources of its members and develop their respective families as investment to the cooperative to provide optimum social and economic benefits of its members.
  • To direct the business emphasizing the economy of scale to lower the cost of goods and by bulk buying.
  • To provide opportunities to its members and deserving recipients of the community to be a more productive member of the community and increase their ownership of the nation’s wealth.
  • To direct its programs to also serve the unprivileged especially the youth directed to create an ideal, harmonious and prosperous community.
  • To network in partnership with government agencies and non-government organizations with the same concerns.
  • To initiate activities and projects to process and market the products of the cooperative and the community especially the farmers and fisherman
  • To encourage thrift and initiate activities to restore and maintain the environment advocating alternative sources of energy.


As a Filipino

And I believe in the cooperative.

Alone I am weak.

But with others I am strong.

So I commit myself to work, to cooperate.

For all to be prosperous.

Harmony, industry I will value.

Cooperative affairs, I will attend.

Responsibilities I will assume.

The cooperative philosophy I will live.

One vision, one belief, one feeling.

In cooperatavism, my life I pledge.

So help me God.


  • PERSEVERANCE/PATIENCE – never stop looking for solution, never allow failure and discouragement    to defeat the cooperative.
  • MOTIVATOR/LEADER – ability to influence his peers to be directed to common goals.
  • PROACTIVE – higher order of positive thinking; resulting to action for the common good.
  • COMMITTED – responsible and accountable for the member acts; beyond the confine of job description without excuses and brave to accept the consequences.
  • RISK TAKER – accepts challenges in opportunities, willingness to learn; courageous to accept failures to rise again.
  • TEAM PLAYER – performs considering the role and interest of the team member or relation to the common action to fulfill its goal.
  • LOYALTY-safeguard/protect the interests of the institution and fellow employees; especially in time of need and crisis.
  • CHEERFULNESS – work with a smile; happy and optimistic predisposition.
  • INNOVATIVE/FLEXIBILITY – revise work to reach the same goal by being resourceful & creative leading to acquire the character of Godliness and the fear of not being able.
  • COMPETENT/ACHIEVER – committed to excellence of efficient for the highest work output.
  • LEADER – enable others to reach their highest level in their personal and professional development & potential.
  • INTEGRITY/PRINCIPLED – character over personal gain, people over things, service above power, principle over convenience.
  • DISCERNMENT – ability to find the purpose and substance of laws and policies.
  • SELF-DISCIPLINE – untiring to perform services promptly without sacrificing others.
  • VORACIOUS – exploration for more knowledge, skills, training for professional upliftment/upgrading.
  • ACCOMPLISHER – performs work to the finish on time or earlier without counting on legal provisions.
  • COURAGEOUS – able to pursue objectively at whatever pressures no excuses having always the end goal in mind.
  • COMPASSIONATE – performing work as a venue for the expression of his inner energies for his spiritual fulfillment and self-esteem.
  • RESPECTFUL – recognizing the dignity and rights of others and the authority of seniors and institutions as they deserve.
  • MENTOR – working with my fellow employees in accomplishing their responsibilities with the same accountability.
  • HUMILITY – realizing and accepting our emptiness as a positive attitude in our pursuit of learning;
  • MODESTY – live within his means.
  • TRUSTWORTHY/VERACITY – enable to tell and live for the truth at all times.
  • SPIRITUAL MEANING/FAMILY ORIENTED – happiness and sense of fulfillment of life not sacrificing his relationship with family and friends; meaningful work, able to use God given talent, and have a meaningful work, which are non-material.
  • LEGACY– spend time reflecting on the lasting investment to civilization.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPER – not limited but actively extends services that empowers the community, country, and the rest of the world, without discrimination to religion, race, sex and economic status, prioritizing the poor and the marginalized sector.

R.O. Diagan Cooperative Hospital

Serving the healthcare needs of Southern Mindanao