Wir Helfen Foundation

Providing medical help to one child every day!


Providing medical help to one child every day!


  • We are the non-profit charity association “Help! – Wir helfen! e.V.” based in Michelfeld/Schwäbisch Hall in the southwest of Germany.
  • We help people in the poor regions of the world to help themselves. We finance medical treatments and the provision of prostheses. In addition we help to provide jobs to disabled persons and support medical facilities with medical equipment.
  • Here on our website you find information how you can help us to help and how you can receive help from us.


Following our guidelines we developed our ways of working. These are the main topics when we decide how and whom to help in all particular cases.

  • The yearly income of the individual / family asking for help may be above the defined poverty level of the particular country (based on data of year 2010) if the necessary medical treatment is of extraordinary costs which the applicant can’t afford.
  • Any financial support is given out of available liquid funds of our association. We don’t finance anything by bank credits.
  • We don’t support permanent treatments.
  • We focus on supporting people younger than 40…45 years but also take into account the family situation (i.e. 40 years old father of 4 children).
  • We don’t pay to the applicant or applying family, we only transfer payments to the medical facility or attending medical doctors.
  • We also support expensive treatments but focus on rather simple and less expensive therapy. We want to help as much as possible individuals with our limited resources.
  • We are not interested in spectacular medical surgery and the corresponding media attention.
  • We rarely support medical pre- and after-treatment.


This help in from a concerned German foundation with the desire to extend financial help to the poor deserving Filipino’s as evaluated by our social worker aged forty and below with a curable disease by surgical intervention e.g cleft lip and palate, imperforate anus and other surgical cases subject to the approval of Helfen Foundation.

They must be Philhealth and PSK members

  1. Photos :
    • 3R-3 Pre-operational Photos
    • 3R-3 Post-operational Photos
  2. Application Letter of Patient
  3. Application Form of Help
  4. Certificate of Indigency/Social Case Study (SCS)
  5. Medical Abstract
  6. Cost of Operation or Surgery


Teresita Golosinda (Country Representative)

Email: wirhelfenphil@gmail.com

Mobile: +63-929-291-1152

RO Diagan Hospital

Eden Joy Mondragon (Social Worker)

Mobile: +63-948-685-5816



MDF is an affiliate of Charity Vision International USA 501(c) 3 77-0222786. Founded in 1988 the nonprofit organization is dedicated to restoring blindness, cleft lip/ palate surgery, clubfoot procedures and prosthetic leg replacement in the Philippines. We operate two surgery centers and three recovery homes performing over 6,500 life changing surgeries each year. We partner with hospitals and surgical doctors throughout the Philippines.


  • We partner with Smile Train to facilitate surgeries for our cleft patients. Your donation will allow us to expand our screening efforts for children with cleft to more remote places in underserved areas
  • Your donation will allow us to provide pre and post- op cleft care including housing, medicine, and special food.



#127 14th Avenue
Cubao, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines 1109

Email: email@mabuhaydeseretfoundation.org
Phone: +63-2-912-0096

United States of America:

3210 N. Canyon Road Suite 107
Provo, Utah 84604

Email: email@mdfcharity.org
Phone: +1-801-687-9699


Our vision is restoring theirs


  • Cataract Surgery
  • Pterygium Excision
  • Eye Exams
  • Visual Acuity
  • Frames & Lenses


  • Low Cost Eye Surgery
  • Highly Experienced Ophthalmologists
  • Affordable Frames & Lenses
  • Philhealth Accredited


27 Quezon Avenue, General Santos City, South Cotabato

Facebook: facebook.com/cv.gensan
Phone: +63-305-9041

Paluwagan sa Kalusugan and Community Health Coordinators


  1. No age limit;
  2. All members must be Philhealth Members, In case he is not yet a member or with expired Philhealth, he shall pay the Philhealth charges before the PSK benefit is utilized;
  3. Effectivity: 1 month after initial payment;
  4. Php 1,200.00 per year of contribution or Php 100.00 monthly contribution per group of 4 transferable to any beneficiary or other approved payment scheme at the members option;
  5. Benefits – Php 10,000.00 per group of 4 beneficiaries transferrable to any declared beneficiary per year which is used to pay the excess of the philhealth. Outpatient and Inpatient services – fees, laboratory, medicines and procedures only as necessary at the discretion of the physician;
  6. Additional yearly contribution of Php300.00 for every additional beneficiary above 4 and up to 7 beneficiaries or additional Php 25/month for each additional beneficiary with a corresponding Php 2,500.00 additional yearly benefit. Beneficiaries of less than 4 allows more chances to receive the benefit;
  7. In case any member gets sick and avails, he/ she must first pay the total yearly amount to avail;
  8. The Beneficiary shall pay P25.00 for each consultation and P50.00 for each hospitalization out of the pocket;
  9. A deliquency of 3 months payment contribution will disqualify the beneficiaries to avail. In case payment is updated the effectivity period of one month will apply;
  10. Only Medicines listed in the Philhealth drug formulary shall be compensable. Medicines not included shall be paid by the patient;
  11. Warning: Benefits is always subject to the availability of respective clusters funds;
  12. Contributions is evidenced by acknowledgement receipts, official receipts or the passbook of the member;
  13. Payments must only be given to authorized reprentatives, community health coordinator w/ valid ID’s who shall issue receipts;
  14. Non availment of the recent year will be carried over to the coming years to be added to existing funds, still credited to the member but revalued depending on the utilization and of the cluster fund remaining;
  15. Membership shall end and renewed every year or when the total benefit has been partially or totally utilized. Any unused or remaining benefit shall be added to the remaining mutual fund.


  1. Must be a member of PHIC
  2. Must undergo PSK orientation
  3. Existing Health condition & preexisting disease declared
  4. Submit 1×1 ID picture identification and including beneficiaries’ picture


  • Obvious Pre – existing disease before
  • enrollment; hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, chronic mental illness, chronic
  • Arthritis, chronic renal disease, tuberculosis,
  • Pre-existing surgical disease, etc.
  • Child birth after 2 children
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Circumcision
  • Surgical sterilization (BTL) female and male included


Email: ro_diagan0504@yahoo.com
Phone: +63-83-552-3942 / +63-83-301-2912

Padre Pietro Francisco Uras

Out of School Youth

Scholars from the B’laan Tribe in their practical farming training under Padre Pietro Francico Uras at Buda. Marilos Davao.

R.O. Diagan Cooperative Hospital

Serving the healthcare needs of Southern Mindanao